accent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift A Guide to Buying the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Home funny cushion covers

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Buying presents is always a difficult and risky business especially when trying to think of something unique and personal to the recipient. Weddings come as no exception and without the existence of an itemised wedding list they can be a tricky task for the guests especially if they are more friendly with one half of the couple than the other or the couple have already set up home together.

On the other hand, a wedding list can also make guests feel restricted and unable to give a personal and thoughtful present to the happy couple. As a compromise, instead of buying vouchers or repetitive photo albums, photo frames and keep sake boxesaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, couples will always appreciate a quality and adaptable item for their home that they can use and reuse in years and houses to come.

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Generally speaking it is best to keep to the home basics. Consider bedding, mirrors, ornaments, kitchen wear and pieces for the garden. To ensure you are not repeating what they already have and similarly to offer a interesting and not too practical present take these basics and give them a twist. For example, buy top quality white or neutral bedding; something you would not justify buying for yourself.

Buy a chef standard pan with a life time’s guarantee and add a recipe book or tickets for a cooking course. Visit your local stone masons or craftsmen and have a garden ornament, sun dial or water feature made from materials local to your home. Consider engraving the piece or designing a shape or style specific to the couple (contemporary, traditional etc).

To ensure guaranteed satisfaction it is generally advised to stick to relatively neutral pieces that will work within most homes and design schemes. Choose neutral colours, metal or glass that will work with most style homes. Avoid overly fashionable or current pieces that will date easily and sit uncomfortably as and when fashions change.

Similarly, to ensure longevity avoid cliché type presents such as ‘His and Hers’ matching dressing gowns and slippers and figurines and paintings of madly in love couples. It is without saying that the couple will receive a handful of these pieces that in time will resort to the back of their cupboards or jumble sales.

If these types of practical yet indulgent gifts are not appropriate why not think out of the box. Pay for the couple to go on a craft course that they can use for in their home, buy vouchers to have a local artist commission a piece for the couple or buy a selection of spices or a piece of furniture that originates from the location of their honeymoon.

Or, if you still feel that vouchers will be most appreciated go for it and instead choose a personal or hand made card and perhaps offer or pay for a meal once the couple have arrived back from their honeymoon for them to share the memories of their wedding with you.

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