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This Halloween give your home a quick makeover or make costumes for the children, or yourselfaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, with these easy tricks and treats. Halloween lasts but for one day and night each year and while you may want to get into the spirit of things having décor that can be used and adapted each year makes economical sense. These ideas are easy to achieve and can be stored away for future use.

If you don't want to decorate your home for Halloween your children are bound to want a costume to wear when Trick or Treating or just for fun. Here's some fun costume ideas for you to make using fabrics.

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When it comes to buying shower curtains for a bathroom, we tend to go by the looks and take the decision. We don’t think much! But, is this the right approach to buy shower curtains? Well, maybe not. If you want the shower curtain to brighten up your bathroom space for a long time to come, then you should ponder over it. Try to have a handy list of things to consider and know before you buy shower curtains. After all, a shower curtain is a quick and easy way of making a partition in the bathroom and changing the very appearance of the bathroom space.

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Virginia Walton, quilt designer, author and inventor of the Creative Curves Quilting System and Rulers, is an international teacher who regularly teaches in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia.