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Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, two brothers got together with Goldilocks and a few marketing geniuses and launched this incredible brand called Purple. Thanks to an unmatched technology, product, and, of course, marketing campaignaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, Purple got noticed. And it got noticed hard.

Who should take note of all this noticing? Well the Utah division of the American Marketing Association, of course!

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Utah has become a fertile marketing landscape, yielding some of the most innovative companies, campaigns, and individuals the industry has seen in years. At Purple, we were just pleased as punch to be a part of this unbeatable group of folks!

November 18th, 2016 the Utah Marketing Awards honored the best and brightest individuals and companies with outstanding accomplishments in marketing. Purple is beyond honored and excited to announce that we got into the “cool kids club,” being recognized for not only one, but two of the 19 categories!

Purple was awarded for unmatched achievements in (drumroll please!):

Well…I guess the “;Association”; (the Utah Marketing Association, to be specific) would be the right term here, but you get the picture! Purple is so grateful and a little giddy about being named with so many other incredible companies and individuals, including, but most definitely not limited to the Harmon Brothers, Lucid Software, DecisionWise, etc.

Big round of applause to the many outstanding marketers who were awarded, and?especially to those who weren’;t recognized, but did amazing marketing in 2016!

But mostly, thanks to YOU! Purple’;s astonishing fans who make what we do worth every moment—we wouldn’;t be here without every single one of you. You da real MVP’;s!

With the launch of Purple, 2016 has definitely been an unforetold adventure filled with growing pains to accompany the unprecedented growth, constant excitement, a little hair-graying, and a crap-ton of amazingness. So here’s to the journey so far and to making 2017 even more epic! *clink*

photo: nacho alegre

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