accent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift Cathy’s Recent Visit to South Africa and the Ladies Who Embroider for Us pillow case baby

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The mission of Jacaranda Living is as follows:

To produce beautiful quality linens and gifts made by talented people around the world, whose personal circumstances are less fortunate than ours.

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Cathy recently traveled to South Africa for a visit. ?While there, she stopped in to the studio to visit the women who embroider products?featured in our catalog. The workspace is more of a studio than a factory. The women have comfort, safetyaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, and based on the comments Zandile made in this video, they enjoy their work. In fact, Zandile?travels three hours each way to come to work embroidering and constructing the pretty boudoir and baby pillow covers that we sell.

According to Wikipedia, Kwazulu-Natal is known as “;the garden province.”; It was created in 1994 and borders?the Indian ocean. The area faces issues with evictions and political controversy, and also has the highest rate of HIV infection at 39%.

As our About Us page?states, founders Cathy and Martin Deale were born and grew up in the Kwazulu Natal region. Cathy had a passion for fine linens and needlework. This resulted in her wanting?to help the people of this area of South Africa. She recognized the high quality of their workmanship, but also saw the challenges?they faced; both economically and in their every day lives. ?Because of this, she looked for a way to expand the market horizons for these individuals by bringing their work to Boston and?founding Jacaranda Living.

From those humble beginnings, the company has?been able to expand its product mix. They now offer ?items made by groups from Africa?and around the world living under similar circumstances. Subsequently, Jacaranda Living has added items?made by women from other regions of Africa as well as?India and China.

Cathy, Martin and the Jacaranda Living team are committed to supporting?their customers. Visit the website and explore the beautiful items offered. We think you’;ll agree they’;re perfect as gifts for you and your family.


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