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Hello Canvas Corp Brands friends, Lynda here to share with you a fast and easy (and last minute) way to get a cute decoration ready just in time for the holidays. Here’;s how I made this cute Christmas tree…;

For this project you will need the following:Canvas Corp –; Scrap Pack –; Scraps by the Pound 3/4 # (8 1/2 x 11)Styrofoam cone,?scissorsaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift,?glue gun,?stick on gems,?acetate snowflakes

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Start by tracing a leaf shape onto the back side of the pattern paper.? I made a template onto light weight cardboard and use that to create about 30 leaves.? Estimate how many you think you will need.? Also cut a strip to go around the bottom of the cone to give a good base to start at.? Glue the strip to the very bottom of the cone.? Begin layering the leaves along the cone using hot glue to secure each piece.? This paper is amazing to work with; the texture makes the leaves have so much dimension.

Add each leaf until the entire surface is covered.? I then added bits from my stash.? I had these wonderful acetate snowflakes, so I used hot glue to stick together two identical snowflakes.? I added a toothpick to the bottom with hot glue and then stuck it into the top of the cone shape.? I then added a stick on gem to the center of each snowflake.? I then added various sizes of the stick on gems around my tree to look like ornaments.

Isn’;t this texture on this paper amazing up close…;and it really makes this tree have some great dimension.

I am loving this quick and easy holiday decoration.? I put it on my desk at work and it looks great.? You could change up the design a bit by using various sizes of leaves, or even making small cuts along the edges to look kind of like a feather; which would allow the fringes to curl.

I hope you’;ll look at the scrap packs as a great value and fun way to get some amazing products to create with!

Happy crafting!!!

LyndaYou can find more of my work here:??Instagram and blog

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