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Love the look of big chunky letters, even know what you want to spell, but not sure how to decorate them to fit your style? ?Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits are the perfect solution. ?There are 20 unique faux finish kits that are perfect for any surface, including these great?Papier-maché?or?paper mache?(don’;t you love how it looks when written in french!!!)

We choose the word GROW as part of our garden project week. ?Perfect for a spring or summer mantel, garden room, sunny office area or above indoor herbs. ?Sorry guys, these are not meant to go outsideaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, something about paper and rain, but you can choose to paint on metal, wood or plastic letters and you will get a very similar result and you will have better luck outside. ?We do not require a top-coat after the paints are applied, but if you are planning to use the kit for an outside project we suggest a clear coat top, just to protect the finish and your letters.

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Each of the Naturally Aged Kits comes with 4 different paints from the Tattered Angels Paint Collection and are combined and work in a special order to create unique faux finishes.

Each kit comes with complete instructions in full color, that make creating the faux finish a breeze. ?This water-based paint system is perfect for application inside and will adhere to a wide range of surfaces including metal, wood, concrete, stone, ceramic, terra cotta, plastic, finished wood, tile, peg wall, slat wall, cork, dry wall, paper, paper mache and so much more. ?Test a small area first to make sure it will adhere to the surface and you will get the finished results you desire. ?One kit?will do 1-3 small craft surfaces and 1-2 medium to larger size surfaces. ?For furniture pieces you will need to assess the size and may consider buying extra of the individual colors used most in the kit to allow the kit to go much further.

No two letters will be alike and you cannot create a bad concrete finish and every concrete slab has its own story. ?You can add more color to increase the aged look of the concrete.

For shops who carry chalk, milk and other decor paints, this is a great addition your offering. ?If you have a favorite local vintage or flea market shop, ask them if they carry Tattered Angels Naturally Aged Kits. ?To view the entire collection of Naturally Aged Kits you can visit our shop. ?For wholesale information email us at

Happy Creating!!!

I will never forget the kryptonite-flare irradiating from the bedroom down the stairwell casting green shadows on each and every step.

Perhaps my biggest and best DIY project of 2011 was starting Teal & Lime in June, but what really made that possible was all the great home DIY projects I had to share. Here is a recap of the 10 most popular DIY projects I completed and shared here in 2011. ?I found it interesting that the posts with the most page views also happen to be my personal favorite projects.

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