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Your Home and Garden editor-in-chief, Shelley Ferguson shares her renovation dream along with tips on?how you can achieve this project at home too

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“;Like many women, I’d love a Carrie Bradshaw-style walk-in wardrobe, but even a little extra storage would help. With two kids and a husband who coaches surf lifesavingaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, our wardrobes are stretched to breaking point,”;?says Your Home and Garden editor-in-chief Shelley Ferguson.

Shelley’;s?1960s home?has small wardrobes, which was common at the time it was built. There is not much space to extend into existing rooms, so building a custom wardrobe along one wall is her best bet.

Most building stores stock kitset shelves that can be easily assembled and added to as required. These would be an easy, inexpensive option. Be sure to fix them securely to the wall – use a stud finder to locate wall framing and attach shelves to this for firm anchoring.

ProsEasy to self-install; multiple options available.

ConsMay not add enough extra space; won’t look as polished.

Considerations Think about long-term use of the space before investing in anything permanent. Cheaper systems will not last so be sure to buy from a good brand, and make sure the shelves come with easy-to-interpret instructions.

Time: This would take a day or a weekend.Budget: $199-$1999, depending on size.

Enlist a builder to create extra space by extending outwards or sideways. They can then install a custom MDF shelving and clothing system, which can be finished with premium timber and sliding storage doors. Or, engage a wardrobe system company to fit it out. You can include customised storage for items such as hats, watches, bags and jewellery.

ProsExtra storage is always beneficial; it will add value to the house.

ConsCan be time-consuming as you will need to engage a few different tradies.

Considerations Think about the space required and the main use of the room before you start. Be careful not to make the room too small when you extend the wardrobe. Think about ceiling storage if your space is not big enough.

Time: Approximately two weeks.Budget: With multiple tradies and material finishes, this could range from $4000 to $6000.

Words?by: Fiona Ralph. Photography by: Nick Scott/

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