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Bay windows are a designer's delight with so many different looks that can be created and knowing how to dress a bay window can often be a find art form. Difficult not to be the focal point of any room, a bay window adds character and beauty by grasping the style of the area and expanding. Years ago these poetic windows were overdressed and laden with thick drapes, multiple valances and heavy hardware.

Today's minimised fabric and shades flirt with nature just beyond the frames. Roman shades bring an intriguing look to a bay window by controlling the amount of light and colour that is used in a room. Patterned or wide striped, flat lying Roman blinds are elegant alone or with matching valance and side panels. While most Roman blinds are tucked inside the window frame for a crispaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, clean line, get dramatic with a row of shades that mould against each other giving a one-piece scooped look.

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A cross between a wide valance, pencil pleat curtains and cheap Roman blinds or beautiful roller blinds made to measure, the uniqueness will hit visitors as soon as they walk into the room. Long, streaming sheers that are pulled back from each individual window within a bay window grouping can make the area appear exotic and dreamy.

Always place hardware as close to the ceiling as possible to highlight the mysterious, floating panels. This style works very well with older homes that have stained glass at the top of the panes. The twinkling light from outdoors forms shapes of brilliance against the panels, making a rainbow of colour. If your bay window is located against the back of your home where privacy is not needed, have fun with valances.

A perfect view of your garden and beyond can be fabulous each time you walk through the room. Valances can consists of airy, plain or patterned sheers or a more dramatic fitted upholstery fabric. Covered cornices are also a stately way of keeping a room's style flowing while having an open concept. This is the perfect spot for those glass and mirrored sun catchers that dance in the light. There are many more ideas for dressing your bay window with charm, elegance, fun and mystery.

Consider the style of your room and what type of presence you want your bay window to present. Incorporating drapes, valances and blinds is also an idea as long as the beauty of the architectural is not lost to material. Control of light and privacy are the two main venues to consider before dressing your bay window. Whilst you may be confident in knowing how to dress a bay window, a professional installation is also critical in a perfect hang that will keep the appearance even more appealing and dramatic.

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