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Fancy a room refresh but don’t have the budget or time? Updating your decor couldn’t be easier, with some strategic use of colour. It’s an approach that works with practically any room and any style, and not only adds a focal point but is an easy and low-commitment way to add personality into rented spaces. Here are our top tips for refreshing your space with a pop of colour…

Switching up the cushions or throwing a bright blanket on your sofa is a simple way to add a splash of colour to your sofa. If you have a neutral base, pretty much any colour goes, but if you already have colour in your furnishings, try a complementary shade for maximum impact.

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Nothing refreshes a room like creating a gallery wall. They are the ultimate mix and match wall decoraccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, and you can have lots of fun with different coloured frames, and vibrant pictures, prints and photographs. Read our tips on how to create a picture-perfect gallery wall?here.

Real flowers are beautiful, but they just don’t last, and ?plants can be ?hard to care for, so try faux flowers instead. They take no looking after, will last forever, and they’re easy to mix, match and rearrange to make your own flower display in vibrant colours.

With rugs providing warmth, texture and a cosy under-foot feeling, a bold colour choice is perfectly practical addition to a plain room in need of a quick refresh. With so many designs to choose from you, might get a serious case of too much choice, so check out our?blog post?on the whats and whys of rug shopping before you begin.

From smaller functional pieces to home decor, colour can easily be added to any room through accessories. Try swapping your plain white towels to colourful or patterned alternatives, add a lamp with a lot of character, or update bookshelves and windowsills with interesting vases with lustrous finishes and reactive glazes.

If you’re feeling bold, furniture is a great way to incorporate masses of colour with one or two ‘look at me’ items. Sofas in vibrant shades are a unique way to add colour, while statement chairs can be added to an existing furniture arrangement to liven things up.

Painting a whole room in a bold colour can sometimes be too much on the eye, so instead, chose one wall to turn into a feature? and create the focal point you want, without overpowering everything else.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child’s first term or you’re a seasoned pro, the phrase ‘back to school’ can stress even the most laid-back parent. Uniform shopping is never going to be a first choice activity for you or your kids, but it has to be done.

For a luxurious look Gold and Cream make a wining colour combination which oozes chic styling when you get the look right, however, be careful or you could turn your festive table into cheap and trashy which isn't the look that's bang on-trend this festive season. Renowned for denoting luxury and wealth gold adds a gorgeous sparkle to your dining table, team it with creams and ivories and your table will look fabulous without being trashy.