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 accent pillow case baby canvas     |      2019-09-12 11:53

Are you ready for summer yet? ?I know we all are. With March already warming up, those days soaking our feet in the pool or walking on the warm sand at the beach will be here before we know it. ?Collecting seashells and creating new summer memories with our family and friends has us excited. Recapturing those moments can be?even more special. ?CCB Crew Member Angélique Jarrier shows us how to capture life’;s special moments with a fabulous beachy mixed media layout. Layered with salt water fun from various Canvas Corp Brands Products including papers, hardware and ink.?Angélique really went all out on this step by step project.

Today’;s project is a tutorial for creating?a vintage mixed media layout. This?was created using?various?papers from the 7Gypsies?Maritime 8×;8 Paper Padaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift,?,?the background work, and editing of the page.

burlap pillow cover diy

You know what's cool about pillows? You can take one design, and by simply changing up the fabric, get a completely different look. That's what we've done with this stunning hexagonal pillow. We've used this style of pillow a couple times before, but you'd never know it. Our black and white version features a coordinating linen back and Extreme Fussy Cutting (similar to what those daring skateboarders do, but you're less likely to fall) to create a beautiful flower in the center of the pillow... complete with a contrasting linen covered button as the flower's center point. Pretty tassels finish the high-end designer look.

It can sometimes seem impossible to get children excited about reading, especially in the summer. But, the importance of books goes beyond what’s on the pages. Reading helps children stimulate their imagination, understand the written word and when done?aloud, develop valuable verbal and listening skills.

Don’t let visitors catch you on the hop this holiday season. Prepare a relaxing guest bedroom with a beach resort vibe that will leave a lasting impression