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?It is amazing how a project starts off in one direction but then leads us somewhere completely different.? Connie Hall’;s project did just that. It started as a mask project and ended up as an amazing work for art that’;s perfect for your home decor, at the beach house, or any place!? When a project does not go the way we intendaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, why not switch gears and see where it takes you? Sometimes when you stray from your original plan, the most amazing things happen and you create art from the most pure and soulful place. It is magnificent!

I started out designing a mask and needed it on something so I could see it better. I have had these Styrofoam heads I use at Halloween and thought it would be fun to go all “;mixed media”; on one of them. First I applied mists to the Styrofoam. Fail. The Styrofoam resists the mist, so I decided to add a layer of burlap that would grab the color and provide a nice textured surface. I cut burlap into squares and rectangles and used gel medium for my first layer but it took long to dry so I switched to hot glue.? I then scrapped the mask idea and decided to make a crown and use the head as my project. I took a wide headband and added Canvas Corp’;s canvas fringe in natural and then took the large shells and placed them on, hot gluing as I went along.? I also added a filigree cupcake wrapper on the top of the crown. I glued the crown and decided to paint a layer of gesso.

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Good morning, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends. If you are looking for nursery inspiration for your little bundle of joy then you have come to the right spot!? Stencil patterns are the perfect way to add pattern and texture to your nursery to achieve a wallpaper look without the hassle.? Today we’re going to share a stylish dark purple and teal nursery that is sure to inspire.

I did manage to catch up on a little reading over the holiday break, and I really enjoyed Grace Dobush's Crafty Superstar. There are lots of books coming out right now that put much of the wisdom of people who have gone through the trials and tribulations of the latest career pursuit: selling handmade goods online and being a crafty entrepreneur. Grace was kind enough to ask me for some thoughts to contribute to the book along with other people who have been-there-done-that like Faythe Levine, Garth Johnson and Jenny Harada. I think she has my favorite quote in the book:

Laundry gets a bad rap, and for good reason. It’s inconvenient. It’s often stinky. It’s kinda gross to touch 10 pounds’ worth of fabric covered in body oils, skin cells, dust mites, pet hair, and the occasional mystery stain. On top of that, it’s one of those chores that seems to be never-ending, with underwear, socks, and towels multiplying overnight in the laundry basket like tweens at a Justin Bieber concert. But over the years, we’ve collected a bunch of tips that have helped us simplify our laundry cleaning. So fire up the DVR or Netflix and switch on a couple episodes of Scandal while you get down to some serious cleaning.