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When we asked award-winning interior designer, William Peace, ASID, of Peace Design, to create two unique rooms using our product, we knew we’;d love the results. Using a raw industrial spaceaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, Bill shows us just how easy it is to create livable luxury in any environment.

Create Flexible Furniture ArrangementsWhether you have an open floor plan in a large space, like our living room, or you have a studio apartment, the best way to achieve a useful, unified space is to create flexible arrangements. “;I wanted that living space to feel like it could be used by one person, two people or 10 or even 12,”; says Bill. The designer created two seating areas that can easily be shifted around to accommodate a crowd or an intimate conversation. The secret? Choosing versatile furniture. The multifunctional ottoman?and the leather poufs can easily be moved. Additionally, the high back settee can serve as a room divider, the designer suggests. “;There’;s not one great solution; there are many great solutions.”;

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Love Your LightingFind great lighting that not only adds style, but purpose to the overall design. “;I love the scale of the Eldridge Pendants —; they really pull the space together,”; Bill says. The designer hung them arbitrarily to fit the flexible floor plan, so there’;s no need to worry about centering seating under the lighting. A pair of table lamps adds multiple sources of light, an important detail. And because they’;re different styles and heights, they add to the collected look of the space.

Play Up ContrastsCreating surprising visual juxtapositions is what adds instant impact to any space. The designer plays up many contrasts in the living room, starting with the furniture. “;In this space, we wanted to have different scale heights for furniture,”; Bill says. He also creates a drool-worthy combination of textures. “;We wanted to come in with these refined materials, such as the velvet and linens, and contrast them with the architecture. It creates a casual elegance.”; And you don’;t have to live in a loft to get a high-contrast look, he adds. “;You can pull this off in any setting.”;

Shop this living room, or read more about this decorating project in our Q&;A with Bill Peace.

Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you are the designated family quilt historian. That’s a great job to have! Preserving your family’s quilt history, or your own quilt history, is an important task. A large amount of quilt history is lost to us as quilters because wonderful quilts have not been carefully preserved or documented. I’m on a mission to help change that! All my free time is spent quilting, but by day I work as the Curator at the Pick Museum of Anthropology, an academic museum at Northern Illinois University where the best part of my job is researching and preserving a large collection of textiles from around the world.

We’re a family that works with our hands. Mine mostly in my craft room and my husbands on maintenance around the house.

Give your home a cool country charm by using light, neutral colours and keeping things simple. This interior design style has stood the test of time and every year modern alternatives are included if you want a more up to-date look without losing the sense of the style. Take a look at some of the ideas below and give your home a cool country look even if you don't live in a chocolate box country cottage in the middle of rural England.