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In January of this year, we kicked off a new series called, "R&;R." It wasn't about the traditional meaning: "Rest &; Relaxation." At Sew4Home, "R&;R" stands for: "Re-imagine &; Renovate." It's about putting a new spin on a favorite design, picking new fabrics, trims and notions to create a unique look. We're back this month with four new twists and a special focus: Spring's hottest color trend – Indigo. Today, we use it to transform our original set of perky Valentine's Day pillows into a rich trio of indigo indulgence.

Natural indigo is extracted from plants and is one of the oldest known dyesaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, dating back as far as the 7th Century BC. It was a rare commodity, considered a luxury item and a high-value trading commodity. You can find some accounts where it is referred to as "blue gold." Don't confuse it with its more pedestrian cousin, navy! Indigo is a distinctive blue with subtle undertones of violet. In fact, indigo is one of the seven colors of the rainbow (or optical spectrum): red, orange, yellow, green, blue, INDIGO, violet.

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A big thanks to Fat Quarter Shop and for co-sponsoring the series and providing all the fabric for today's Re-imagine &; Renovate project.

We've worked with the great folks at Fat Quarter Shop since the very beginning of S4H, and we love them still. They have an outrageous selection of quilt fabric, quilting pre-cuts, quilt kits and patterns, and exclusive quilt clubs. And, they are always on top of the newest collections.

Our most recent series with, Everything Old Is New Again, just finished up last week. It was a fun tour through some "forgotten" fabrics, like seersucker, linen and toile. And, it was a great way to introduce you to's incredible inventory. I believe they are the definition of, "... and so much more!"

These eye-popping pillow fabrics are from the Impressions collection by Ty Pennington for Free Spirit Fabrics. Fat Quarter Shop provided us with three coordinating prints: Indigo Ivy, Blue Medallion and Blue Delhi. The fabric for all the pillow backs as well as the ruched accent flower is a lovely medium weight white linen from We used Poly-Fil by Fairfield to plump up all three pillows.

Valentines: Heart Happy Woodland Delight Pillow Trio

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