accent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift Re-imagine & Renovate- Subtle Organic Box Pleat Pillows Become Bold, Modern Accents customized rustic pillow covers

 accent pillow case baby canvas     |      2019-09-24 08:13

It's Day Two of our 2012 quest to "Re-imagine &; Renovate" some of our most popular projects. One project can turn out an unlimited number of ways, depending on the choices you make with fabrics, trims and notions. Sometimes it's fun to not worry about learning a whole new project; instead, take a fave design and twist it into a brand new look. Today we're featuring our super simple box-pleat pillow pairaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, which we originally did in softly serene tones of organic fabric in 2010. Now, graphic fabric from Robert Kaufman in vibrant hues moves them from a whisper to a shout-out of color and vibe.

A big thanks to our friends, and Shopping Directory retailer, Fashionable Fabrics for co-sponsoring the series and providing all the fabric for today's "Re-imagine &; Renovate" project. Tonia and Dennis of Fashionable Fabrics are experts in trendy, modern fabrics and sewing patterns. Love their flat rate $4.95 shipping on any size US order.

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Both front fabric choices are from the Tufted Tweets collection by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman. The 16" pillow features Tufted Tweets Avian Therapy in Grass; the 14" pillow features Tufted Tweets Birdies &; Chairs in Orchid. The pleat insets on both pillows are Robert Kaufman's Pimatex in Black, and the backs of both pillows are done in Moda's 200 count muslin in Warm White. The Tufted Tweets collection was starting to get a little scarce when we got our fabric cuts, but Fashionable Fabrics has a terrific selection of novelty fabrics. Check out all the options.

Every fabric has its own beauty and its own personality, and how you use it in a project can transform cute and quirky into sleek and stylish. It can even flip girlie-girl flirty and floral into masculine bold and modern. It's why we are so in love with fabric here at Sew4Home; we know what a difference it makes to the end result of a project. Add a little?R&;R to your list of New Year's resolutions. If you are new to the world of mixing and matching, take a look at these four tutorials:

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And check out our monthly?Love That Fabric features for our latest picks, such as?Kokka.

To "Re-imagine &; Renovate" your own cool tote bag, go to the original tutorial. We made no changes to the instructions when making the new pillow pair.

Organic Cotton Box-Pleat Pillows

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