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 accent pillow case baby canvas     |      2019-12-03 15:02

we just hung up these chalkboards in the dining room, thanks to a decorating idea I got from Decor8.

okay it's not the most formal wall decor for your dining room but i'm loving it. and i think it suits us. it's taken us more than three years to put something up on this most central and important of walls. it's where we spend the most time, so the commitment has been daunting ...

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my husband doesn't love it, but i do. i love how the chalkboards are dynamicaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, changing, adapting and reflecting the forms that i'm working with at a given moment. oops, i guess i just claimed this feature wall as an extension of my studio ...

(that's right, this is a sneak peek at the upcoming collection.)

i felt this wall had to be something of a personal statement. and i guess it doesn't get any more personal than this!

as you can see, Ruby and Juliette are enjoying it too, and Ruby is even collaborating with me on some of the sketches. it's great to see her experimenting with all the angles of the chalk, removing marks with a wet towel, smudging with her fingers, etc., so much of it intuitively. there she goes inspiring me again ...

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One of the things Matt and I have been debating about is having assigned seating or assigned tables for the guests at our wedding. I thought it would be easier for everyone if they just knew where they were sitting, but Matt thought it might take away from the intimate and casual feel of the reception. After talking to a lot of my friends that had been to a lot of weddings, we decided not to assign seats or tables. Instead, we will just be putting “Reserved” signs on our table and the bridal party tables.