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There's nothing quite like the deep intensity of black. It's sexy, alluring, it screams sophisticated style and elegance. Black is the master of colour and yet it isn't a colour according to scientistsaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, it's a absence or complete absorption of light. However you like to define it, you have to admit that black is dramatic, mysterious and in many ways is an expression of wealth and luxury living within the world of interior design. ?

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Black is the perfect colour to highlight neons in a contemporary kitchen. ?

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Team it with white, add a splash of vibrant orange and your kitchen will ooze chic style. ?

Kitchen Design Academy

Black and white looks stunning in any style of home.

Yanko Design

Black walls, ceiling and floor plays host to contemporary white fixtures and fittings, creating a fabulous space-age kitchen. ?

Life Love Home

High gloss black cabinets shows the hallmarks of luxury living that can be within most people's budgets. ?

No Modest Bear

The highly reflective surfaces of gloss finish cabinets bode well with polished chrome and stainless steel too.

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Even matt black oozes style if high gloss is too OTT for your tastes.

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All black doesn't have to be dark and gloomy when you get the balance with the introduction of an accent colour, namely white, correct. ?


Use high gloss cabinets to bounce light around the room to change the intensity of the black as the light changes in the room. ?

Star Manner

Black and white monochromatic colour schemes look stunning in period homes.


The merest hint of an accent colour can lift a black and white kitchen from drab to fab. ?


Black and white compliments modern lifestyles beautifully with it's sleek clean lines. ?

LWK Kitchens

Add dark brown to the mix and you'll be surprised how stunning it will look.


Use the reflective high gloss cabinets like mirrors to make small kitchens appear larger.

Chances are that if you’re reading this post, you are the designated family quilt historian. That’s a great job to have! Preserving your family’s quilt history, or your own quilt history, is an important task. A large amount of quilt history is lost to us as quilters because wonderful quilts have not been carefully preserved or documented. I’m on a mission to help change that! All my free time is spent quilting, but by day I work as the Curator at the Pick Museum of Anthropology, an academic museum at Northern Illinois University where the best part of my job is researching and preserving a large collection of textiles from around the world.

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Give your home a cool country charm by using light, neutral colours and keeping things simple. This interior design style has stood the test of time and every year modern alternatives are included if you want a more up to-date look without losing the sense of the style. Take a look at some of the ideas below and give your home a cool country look even if you don't live in a chocolate box country cottage in the middle of rural England.