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 accent pillow case baby canvas     |      2019-09-15 12:42

Hello! It’;s Kimberly here today!I am hoping to inspire you to have fun making these adorable mixed media wine-themed canvas.

First, you will need to prepare an Architextures Junqe pack and a stretched chunky canvas –; they will be your base.OK, let’;s start now that you’;re ready for the mixed media fun!

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What you’;re going to need:Canvas Corp 6X6 Chunky Stretched CanvasCanvas Corp Tags –; GrapesCanvas Corp?Vino &; Ale: Vino &; Cheese on KraftCanvas Corp?Vino &; Ale: Uncorked on KraftTattered Angels Mists:?Cardboard Architextures Junque Pack –; Warehouse Architextures Findings –; Wine BottlesArchitextures Treasures –; Wooden Corkscrewbeeswax joint compoundheat gun, scissors, paint brushaccent pillow case baby canvas housewarming gift, spatula

I took the 6×;6 canvas and added the Architextures brick sheet that I cut in half. I added a little bit of glue to keep it stuck down real good since the canvas isn’;t gessoed it will not hold too well. I then took some joint compound and added it over the top of the canvas and overlapping onto the bricks and the sides of my canvas; let the whole thing dry over night.

Now you have some time to gather your wine sheets and fussy cut them out. Then color them using your paint brush and yummy Tattered Angels mists.

After the paint dried, I covered the cut outs with melted beeswax to give them an old,?vintage look…; now they are ready to add to the project.

Now that the joint compound is dry, let’;s take some Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist in Cardboard?and mist the canvas all over, even the bricks. Let the paint dry, then take an old towel and rub off areas randomly where you want –; don’;t worry if you rub off too much as you can go back and add more mist. This is the fun part that I love about mixed media –; there aren’;t really any rules that say it’;s right or wrong…; you can just do whatever you want!

So just go with it! Have fun, explore your inner creative side…; You can always make changes –; no one will ever know unless you tell on yourself. Trust me, I do this all the time! This is how it becomes my idea, my project and I love to share and inspire others to try and just have fun. Back to the project…; I took some beeswax and melted it over the whole canvas…; It adds a layer of dimension and texture plus makes it look distressed –; a winner all around!

Okay, so now that we’;ve done all the work on the background, we can start embellishing our canvas. Before you permanently secure your elements, play with them a little and see what you like best before you add glue…; Once you have your embellishments where you like them best, you’;re finished! Wasn’;t that fun?!

Oh, I love this look …; it makes the canvas so old and vintage looking! I can’;t wait to hang them on my kitchen wall.

Thank you for joining me today.

–; Kimberly –;

Happy crafting!!!

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