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Always "on"? Here's why it's important to disconnect sometimes — and how to do it.?

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The deluge of data in the information age can be hard to keep up with, including emails, your kid’;s school assignments, and your social media feeds.

The answer may lie with digitally detoxing, even for short bursts, so you can reset when you need it most.

Elenna Mosoff, a certified life and leadership coach who is a digital addictions expert, believes taking simple breaks from the digital world can clear the mental cobwebs and give you the time and space to better care of yourself, your relationships and yes, even sleep better.

In Mosoff’;s professional opinionfamily pillow cover, being digitally tethered all of the time is fundamentally shifting the way we relate to one another and the world.

“;Humans aren’;t wired to be so wired,”; she says.

The constant checking of emails, social media, apps, and websites “;fractures our attention and that stresses us out, creates anxiety, confusion — and, yes, of course, sometimes a hit of fun and feeling good,”; she says.

What’;s hard, according to Mosoff, is that the continuous splitting of ourselves doesn’;t allow people to go deep, to settle in, to be in the world, to grow, to know themselves beyond the splitting or the version of ourselves we’;ve constructed.

Taking digital breaks allow you to control your life.

“;The most valuable thing we have in life is our attention. What we pay attention to is a bigger decision about how we want to spend our lives,”; she says.

Ideally, you’;ll have more energy when you take a break. You’;ll recognize that your attention is yours and nothing is competing for your time. Go offline, even for short bursts, suggests Mosoff, in order to allow your system to restore and relationships to flourish. A break shows those you love that they’;re important and worth your time and effort. “;It lets you like yourself, which I think is one of the big things being online allows us to avoid working on. Because we tend to seek a lot of external validation.”;A digital detox is a predetermined amount of time when your phone remains off and out of sight, Mosoff says.

A mini digital detox might consist of an activity without your phone, like a walk in the park or a visit to a friend. Some take it a step further. “;Many people have adopted the idea of a digital Sabbath, where they turn off their phones from sundown on Friday until either Saturday night or Sunday morning on a weekly basis,”; she says. “;This gives them a sense of freedom and many find they don’;t miss being without it.”;

As for sleeping better, a few hours before you go to bed your brain produces a hormone called melatonin which tells your body it’;s time to get sleepy, says Mosoff. Smart devices produce blue light, which wakes up the body and stops melatonin production. The bright screens on your smart phone and TV trick you into thinking it’;s still daytime. But if you can avoid screens or switch your phone to night mode in the evening, then you’;ll be better prepared to fall asleep. Instead of looking at your phone to tell time, Mosoff suggests buying an alarm clock. Read more about how to improve your bedtime routine here.

If you’;re taking a mini digital detox, and going for that suggested walk, hike, bike ride or run without a smart device, carry a few of these post-workout power balls with you. They’;re as good for the body as they are for the soul.

Makes: 20 pieces

This isn’;t a very sweet treat — the only sugar comes from fruit and nuts. If you’;d prefer this a little sweeter, add 2 tbsp raw honey and mix before rolling into balls and refrigerating.



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