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 family pillow cover     |      2019-09-16 08:53

Sometimes it seems like invitations for baby showers come in waves, and continuing to come up with clever and popular gift ideas can be tough. This adorable pillow pair is one of our "Baby Shower Power Gifts." The basic piped pillow pattern is fast and simple and the animal appliqués are super cute. It's a design that will stay a favorite long past nursery days. With a nod to Laura Elizabeth Richards, we have to share the poem that inspired our cute appliqué shapes. It's one my sister and I have had firmly stuck in our heads for years:?"Once there was an elephant, who tried to use the telephant. No! No! I mean an elephonefamily pillow cover, who tried to use the telephone."?Click to read the?full Eletelephony poem.?HA! Now it will be stuck in your head for years.

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We offer free downloadable patterns for a friendly elephant and a graceful giraffe. If you are clever with paper and pen, you can draw additional shapes and expand your zoo to include a whole host of critters. For easiest appliquéing, remember to keep curves large and smooth and avoid tiny points.

We have excellent step-by-step photos below, showing how we made and attached the piping. We don't always go into such detail, since we also have a great piping tutorial, but every now and then, we like to remind you just how easy it is to create your own binding and piping.?

You can certainly buy pre-packaged trim, but making it yourself gives you optimum flexibility in your fabric choice as well as a broader choice of widths. As we like to say, "Want it? Make it!"

The pillows finish at 16" x 16" excluding the piping.?

NOTE: Supplies shown below are for TWO coordinating pillows, because the giraffe and the elephant are best friends and prefer not to be separated.


Project Concept: Alicia Thommas? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Gregory Dickson

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