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Ever heard the phrase ‘;out of sight, out of mind’;? It definitely applies to bedroom clutter! If you’;re surrounded by messy chaos, or even a neat pile of tasks you keep meaning to complete, you could spend your last minutes before bed being reminded of how you STILL need to do this and that which could put our mind into planning and activity mode. A clean, clutter-free room means there’;s no distractions before you slip into bed, and should encourage your mind to be as clear as your bedside table (a place you should use for essential comforts only)

Aches and pains canget in the way of getting a decent night’;s sleep by slowing down the process ofdrifting off and waking you up throughout the night. Your body is in contactwith your mattress for hours and hours every night, so if it’;s not doing a goodenough job of supporting your movements and easing your joints, you’;ll end upwaking up to discomfort and weariness –; not a great start to the day! The rightmattress for you depends on your body type and needs, but an easy test to seeif it’;s a good fit is to lie down on the surface and see if you can slip yourhand under the small of your back. If it’;s a struggle, the mattress is too softand you’;re sinking in too muchfamily pillow cover, if it’;s too easy, the mattress is too hard andyour body is sitting on the surface without being cradled and supported.

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There are lots ofreasons why you might be getting too hot in bed, and whether it’;s seasonal,hormonal or a partner that seems to radiate heat, we’;ve all experienced nightswhere it seems impossible to cool down and get comfortable. While you can peeloff layers like duvets and sheets, there’;s no escaping a too-toasty mattress –;but that’;s where an air circulating mattress topper comes in handy! Made from a special ‘;air stream’; type ofmemory foam, air circulates much more easily and less heat is retained in thefoam, helping to keep you cool while you sleep.

If you’;re allergic to dust, dust mites or pollen, an anti-allergy pillow is a must have. Typically, an anti-allergy pillow will have a tightly woven casing that dust mites find difficult to penetrate, be made from fibres dust mites don’;t enjoy, and/or be chemically treated to deter dust mites from setting up camp, and make your bedding inhospitable and ultimately un-survivable to any that do make their way in. The other thing about anti-allergy pillows is that they can be washed at higher temperatures to remove any nasty bits of pollen or dust that might be lurking inside and irritating your sinuses.

Most of us like tohave something over us when we sleep even in peak temperatures, but at theheight of summer this can be unbearable with your normal duvet. The low togduvet is an often undersung hero of summer sleep that provides all the perks ofa soft, comforting layer, but is much lighter and airier to snuggle up in soyou can keep your cool.

Getting your décorright isn’;t just about looking good, it’;s about setting the right tone for theroom too. Your bedroom should be a place of contentment, happiness andrelaxation, and all of these things can be helped out by making it somewhereyou love to look at and admire. There’;s a lot to be said for choosing tranquilcolours to give your mind a visual signal that it’;s in a safe, calmenvironment, but that doesn’;t mean you can’;t bring your personal style intoplay too.

Phones, tablets, laptops, videogames and TVs are all great fun, but they’;re fun because they provide you with an endless stream of stimulation for your senses and get your brain going. Pretty much the opposite of what you need when it’;s time to sleep! As much as it may pain you to stop scrolling or binging a box set, it’;s important to give your mind a chance to wind down if you want a good shot at falling asleep within a reasonable period. Try reading a real book instead of Facebook, or listen to some relaxing music instead of watching a true crime TV show, and you should be in a more relaxed head space to snooze.

Scent is one of yourmost potent senses, so while a waft of something on the breeze can take youback to your childhood, the right scent can also put you in a calm state ofmind. For a chilled out sleep sanctuary, we recommend indulging your senseswith a spot of classic aromatherapy, and choose a lavender room diffuser forits naturally calming qualities. Reed Diffusers are great for a slow, gentlerelease of soothing scent that comforts and calms your senses and mind as soonas you step into your bedroom.

We naturally equate darkness with sleep, so it naturally follows that to create a tranquil sleep zone you’;ll need to exert some control over your light situation –; especially with the extended daylight hours in summer that might wake you too early. Our blackout blinds are designed to tackle this very problem, and successfully block any external lights from disturbing your sleep (as well as dampening sound and helping to insulate your room to get the temperature just right).

It’;s not always extremes that keep us awake, sometimes you can be held back from a perfect sleep set up by something that’;s ever so slightly wrong –; like being a little bit too warm or too cool in bed. If this sounds like you, our thermal curtains could help. They have a thick but soft thermal lining to boost their ability to keep your room insulated, and they work all year round to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer. So simple, so easy, and so stylish (if we do say so ourselves).

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