family pillow cover Faux Encaustic Canvas – “Be Lazy” Challenge personalised birthday gifts

 family pillow cover     |      2019-09-11 17:33

You don′t need much product to create a fun &; funky vintage style home decor piece. Crew Member Cathy Freiley has done just that:

“;For January’;s ‘;Be Lazy’; challenge, I wanted to make something using cool &; neutral colors as well as lace &; a lazy factor: faux encaustic. Who has time for wax &; heated griddles? Not only is it the lazy technique but it takes awhile to dry so you can go do something else lazy!”;

yellow throw pillows

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The how to:

Figure out how you want your laces &; fibers layered out on your canvas. Add them to the sides as well! Adhere them down using matte gel. If your lace is thick (mine had a thick border), be generous with gel to glue it down. Let it dry –; you can use a heat gun to speed it up but I let it dry naturally for a couple hours –; gotta have more lazy time!

Once your layout is dryfamily pillow cover, apply a thick layer of matte gel, like it’;s icing. Let it go over your edges if you wish, leaving them uneven. I don’;t make it exceptionally smooth –; it adds character! This is the extremely lazy part –; let it dry completely for at least a day which is when the magic happens. Meanwhile, make Christmas cookies, go shopping –; live your life!

When it’;s dry, you can add extras! I take a wood skewer and carve into it –; lines, circles, shapes. Anything to add interest. Then I take the glaze and paint over them, letting it get into the groove. Then dab away the paint, leaving traces of it. Go around your edges if you want, drip it down the sides –; do your own thing!

I create while I go along so the initial basic materials used always grows! Add a sentiment, add more texture or fibers, add some torn up paper –; customize it to your taste!

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