family pillow cover Four creative home decor projects to do with dowels sofa pillow covers

 family pillow cover     |      2019-09-18 08:45

Minimalist, multi-functional and right on trend, there are endless crafty possibilities with the humble dowel. Here are four creative projects to do at home

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Cut 4 x 8cm lengths of 32mm dowel. Glue dowel pieces onto each corner of a pine board the size of your lap (ours was 30cm x 40cm). Leave for 24 hours to let the glue dry. Drill 2 holes down through each short end of the board and loop rope through to create handles. Firmly knot rope to secure.

We found a concrete-look pot from Kmart that made an ideal base for this coat stand. Paint pot in your chosen colour and let it dry. ?Three-quarters fill pot with quick-dry cement (don’t add the water). Stick 3 x 1.8m dowels into pot and arrange in your desired formation. Pour in water according to the cement instructions and leave to dry completely.

Cut 4 pieces of 8mm dowel at varying lengths – we cut ours to 5cmfamily pillow cover, 10cm, 25cm and 40cm. Find a drill bit the same diameter as your dowels and drill a hole into 8 ping pong balls. Paint the balls in a colour that suits your decor and leave to dry. Attach the balls to both ends of the dowels and secure with glue. Using thin fishing line, tie the line around the middle of each dowel, allowing 12-15cm of line between each. Make a loop at the top for hanging.

Cut 2 x 1.8m lengths of 32mm dowel. Measure the length of a frameless mirror then use a router to cut a 5mm-deep slit of same length down 1 dowel, starting a little way down from the top (use photo as a guide). Repeat for other dowel. Fill slits with extra-strong glue and slot in mirror. Fasten belts around dowels to hold in place and leave to dry for 24 hours. Paint equal sections of the dowels for an extra dash of colour.

Created?by: Imogen Temm. Photography?by: Wendy Fenwick.

Happy Tuesday, my crafty friends.? Brr… it sure is chilly here in Northern NJ.? This wintry weather has the Cutting Edge Stencils crew stuck inside.? Do you know what we love to do when we’re stuck inside?? Stencil!? Today we have the perfect project from?Paint-A-Pillow to keep you entertained on a snow day. ? Come take a look.

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