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Your Home and Garden editor Kristina Rapley shares how she’;s nailed her renovation journey with the help of Mico Bathrooms

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With the design and planning stage?of our bathroom renovation done, now it’s time for the hard work to begin. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look into how our new bathroom is shaping up.

Our poky, disjointed and tired bathroom/mudroom/laundry was?in dire need of a major overhaul. Thanks to Mico Bathrooms’ 3D Design Planner, we felt confident enough to knock out some walls!

It was a shock to see how big our space was with everything emptied out and the walls gone. Because we’ve only got one bathroom, we hired a portaloo and portable showerfamily pillow cover, which made living on-site just a little bit more bearable.

Mico Bathrooms delivered all our goodies straight to our door at the very start of our reno, which meant our tradies could accurately measure everything to ensure the perfect fit. It was handy having our brass tapware on hand when I was choosing tiles and playing around with paint colours.

We’re nearing the end of our project (only painting and tiling to go) and can report that we have learnt an awful lot! Thank goodness for our fairy godmother, Lisa at Mico Bathrooms, who has happily helped us with last-minute changes and switching of products.

Make sure you check in next month for Kristina’;s big bathroom reveal!

It’s easy to build your dream retreat with Mico Bathrooms. Take inspiration from the rich heritage of Japan and create a Zen space to unwind. Clean lines, a neutral palette and unfussy styling anchor this strong look. Simplicity is key so try not to mix too many materials and allow for plenty of storage to keep your space neat and tidy.

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Phoenix Vivid Slimline twin shower in matte black, $989, from Mico Bathrooms.


Progetto Pure freestanding bath, $2179, from Mico Bathrooms.


Michel Cesar Moode wall-hung vanity, $2209, from Mico Bathrooms.


Kohler Mica square basin, $599, from Mico Bathrooms.


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