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Everyone likes candles. They are gorgeous to look at, smell great and are easy on the pocket. But what most people ignore is the right use of candle for home decoration purpose. It’s not the most conventional way to decorate your space, but it’s a great option if you are not too keen on something permanent but prefer some temporary and versatile.

Candles come in all shapes and sizes and can liven up any room. But before you go on candle shopping spree remember that even though it’s a great option, using candles in home decor is not a half hour task.

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Confused? Read on to know how you can effectively use candles for home décor

Choose your candles carefully

Don’t go the longfamily pillow cover, white ones that you generally find in an Indian home. But instead pick bright and colourful (and thick) ones that don’t ideally need a candle stand.

Find some tables and countertops to put your candles

Ideal options are coffee tables, side tables, dining tables, kitchen countertops, and bathroom counters are the best places to put them. Avoid putting them on some place high like the top of a book shelf.

Position your candles

Some ways to try are:

Whether grouped for drama in the living room, paired in candlesticks on the dining table, or snuggled in coloured glass votives on the mantel, candles add elegance to your home.

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