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 family pillow cover     |      2020-01-20 13:09

Hey,?MAMAS!?Welcome back to another mix and match styling session. I want to share with you how you can minimize your spending and closet space with?a a few simple?staple pieces you probably have sitting in that crowded closet. I’;m going to help you minimize your spending and urge to hoard unnecessary?clothing by maximizing?what you already have into more outfit options!

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Sometimes you can easily feel?stuck with one pairing and forget that that there are so many other options you can create?with just one piece. ?Here are the 2 main rules I like to follow by…;

Rule?one: Start with the basic suit and break up the pieces into staple items.

Rule?two: With each pieces, see how many different pairing you can create with the clothes that are already in your closet. Try holding your jacket up to potential ideas. Try them on and see if it works!

For each staple itemsfamily pillow cover, you now can spring board into 3-5 more pairing options! Isn’;t that easy?

As you can see, I started with this linen blazer pant?suit. I mixed a variety of tops for the pants. Instead of sticking to the usual basic cami or button down. I played around with a wrapped tie top, bell sleeves blouse, graphic tee for casual Friday and something with a versatile print.

I styled my blazer over a cocktail backless dress to make it work appropriate and layered it over a few skirt/top pairings. Here’;s a fun tip! If you incorporate a statement belt, a mix in other?texture and fabric, it can?transform your look completely.

A few other key items I styled with is my blue wrapped top and lightweight pink sweater top.? These are options you can mix in between weeks or in different months. It’;s always great to have different outfit options and not feel?that struggle of what to wear. We all can relate!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Video of this tutorial below:

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