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So, I have been engaged long enough to exhaust potential venues and be on the exhausted side of guest list planning.? But while there have been highs and lows, I just noticed one thing that is surprisingly missing.

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I have yet to buy a bridal magazine.? That’s right; I have yet to even pick one up in the grocery line.? Yet I don’t feel anything is lacking.? I have seen friends drop a hefty chunk on grabbing up the inspiration laden books created to further the dreams and imagination of girls everywhere.? And while I am sure flipping through those pages has its reward, I must confessfamily pillow cover, my abstinence is not without an alternative.

Are you using Pinterest to plan your wedding? Personally, I am a Pinterest junkie.? From the website to the app on my phone, I have easily surpassed those magazine brides to be in hours logged searching, pinning and gleaning the inspiration I didn’t even know I was looking for.? When I set out on this journey, I was leaning toward a traditional shabby chic motif.? But little by little, ideas and DIY items that spoke to a deeper place began to creep into my Pinterest feed.

Gotta admit, I like that I am able to get a wide variety of resources through one site and without spending $3-$7 per installment.? So, as a bit of a teaser, here are a couple items you may just see at my wedding, courtesy of my magazine-free Pinterest obsession.

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Anyway, these are just a few items I will be updating and posting my own experience with.? And all thanks to a little website called Pinterest.? Who needs a magazine? Amiright?

Are you using Pinterest to plan your wedding?

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