family pillow cover Where do People Who Live in Minimalist Homes Keep Their Things- funny cushion covers

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Have you ever wondered where people who live in minimalist homes keep their things? For a start they're very organised people; there's no place whatsoever for clutter, everything has its place and that place is out of sight for the most part. Take a look below and you'll soon discover that minimalistic living is a strict regime of order coupled with fabulous hidden storage along with cleanliness – you simply can't be minimalistic if there's mess around!

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These are more then room dividers, they're hidden storage areas too.

Digs Digs

This minimalist table/stool has hidden storage inside.


Even the bathroom in a minimalist home is sleek and clutter free; everything is stored away in the vanity unit.


?Kitchen storage is an integral part of a minimalistic home. A few carefully chosen objects are on display on plain shelves. Note the lack of pattern anywhere – pattern leans towards fussiness and visual confusion and that just won't do!

Home Designing

Hidden storage is definitely the name of the game so to speakfamily pillow cover, as such a dining room table tat has hidden storage for wine bottles is a must.

Home Designing

Everything has a place to hide, including crockery and flatware that are used everyday.

The Lux Home

With fitted wardrobes being the norm in many homes the minimalistic bedroom is probably the easiest room to get right. Opt for a bed with hidden storage underneath to ensure that nothing, linens etc., is left without a home.


Specialised draws to accommodate a plain white dinner service is ideal for a minimalistic dining room or kitchen.

Big Bobz

This fascinating coffee tables has plenty of hidden and secret storage spaces.

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