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Make-up can be tricky, all you women can attest to that. We’ve all had our oops moments when the lipstick we wore stood out like a sore thumb or the eye shadow we put on made those looking at us wish they’d put on sunglasses. And while such moments are inevitable, what we can do is minimise them.

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Picking The Perfect Shade

If you get confused by all the different colours available in the market, here’s an ultra-simple way of narrowing it down. Many make-up artists believe that you should pick a lipstick colour that’s one or two shades darker than your natural lip tone. Sounds too simple? But it’s true. Choosing the right shade is that easy.

Important Tip: Most Indians have warm skin tones, but here’s how you can check for sure. Look at the veins in your inner wrist; if they appear greenfamily pillow cover, you are warm toned and if they’re blue, you will be cool toned. Another way of finding out is by pinching your underarm area or any other place that is not generally exposed to the sun. The colour that your skin will turn to is the shade that will look best on you. You can also go for contrasting shades to that colour.

Now that you know what kind of skin tone you have, let’s make the process of selecting lipsticks simple.

If You Have Fair Skin

You should go for colours such as deep, plum reds, berry and wine reds with blue undertones. Light brown, beige and pink colours will also look good on you. You must avoid bright pink lipsticks.

If You Have Wheatish Skin

Wear rich, deep pinks, deep reds, rich caramel shades, medium brown with yellow or pink undertones, and creamy coffee brown lipsticks. Make sure you stay away from pale browns as they will wash out your skin.

We recommend: ColorBar Soft Touch Lipstick, New-E-Rose

If You Have Dark Skin

Pick reds with blue undertones, mahogany, deep plum, wine red, or almost any shade of brown. Avoid orange undertones in lipsticks as they will clash with your skin tone.

Keep In Mind These Top 3 Tips While Wearing Lipstick

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